Courses Developed & Taught

HIST 4S/GERM 45: Crimes Against Humanity, Spring 2016 at Stanford University

What is a crime against humanity and how can it be punished? Starting with the Nuremberg Trials, this seminar will consider how the juridical category of crimes against humanity came into existence and has evolved over the past half century. Thinking through core questions posed by Hannah Arendt, we will consider how crimes against humanity are to be understood in the context of modern jurisprudence, who perpetrates such crimes, and what relationship exists between crimes against humanity and modernity. 

Other Teaching

Co-Instructor,  HIST 36N: Gay Autobiography, Spring 2015 & Spring 2016 at Stanford University

Teaching Assistant, HIST 10C/110C: The Problem of Modern Europe, Autumn 2015 at Stanford University

Teaching Assistant, HIST 38A/138A: Germany & the World Wars,* Winter 2015 at Stanford University

Teaching Assistant, HIST 47/147: History of South Africa, Autumn 2014 at Stanford University

Teaching Awards

* Excellence in First-Time Teaching as a Teaching Assistant (for Germany & the World Wars). Department of History, Stanford University